Do you have questions? We answer them below.

No, Amir Antivirus is free.

No, Amir Antivirus is downloaded and executed, you can copy it to your USB or system desktop and run it from there.

No, Amir Antivirus is only compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

No, Amir Antivirus is not compatible with mobile systems.

If you do not view your files even though you have run Amir Antivirus, it is very likely that the virus has encrypted or deleted your files and in this case Amir Antivirus does not have any files to show you.

Since version 3.0.5, Amir Antivirus sends the viruses to Quarantine, located on the same USB, in this way no file is deleted, virus or not, this allows greater user control in the removal and / or study of the virus .

Viruses have coding that affect files and records of the operating system, so they are detected as such.

Amir Antivirus when scanning these logs and files to repair the system, is vulnerable to other antivirus detecting it as a virus, but Amir Antivirus is FULLY SECURE.

To avoid problems, we recommend momentarily deactivating your antivirus to run Amir Antivirus.

Most Windows systems come with the immediate execution of autorun, this makes possible the direct execution of viruses and not viruses.

Amir Antivirus disables this option so that the autorun does not start immediately.

Yes, new viruses come out daily, and at the same time we release updates to fight viruses. You just have to download the antivirus from the web and voila, you will have the latest version.

No, Amir Antivirus focuses on a very frequent niche of viruses that constantly affect your files, but does not protect you completely from viruses and being portable does not have a real-time scanner, so we recommend using Amir Antivirus as a stable option , safe and constant next to your installed antivirus.