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10 years removing viruses and restoring your files

Amir Antivirus

Amir Antivirus removes viruses that infect your removable drives (USB), then deleting them from the operating system, it also uncovers your files hidden by viruses and cleans your PC’s temps to avoid possible virus residues.

Amir Antivirus is portable, just download and run it, it does not require installation or administrator privileges.

Amir Antivirus is Free and available in 6 languages, including Quechua.

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Amir Vigo


Amir Vigo

The large number of viruses that are created and the little control of the antivirus to safeguard our documents, forced Amir Antivirus to focus on the continuous and common problems that other antivirus overlooks, and that is our niche, help you with your problems more critics, which are the availability of your daily work data.


Amirsafe Technology

Amirsafe Technology supports the development of Amir Antivirus.

We provide global solutions in security, IT solutions and private investigation services.