Your files always available and in sight with Amir Antivirus.

Show your hidden files

Unhide your documents and eliminate viruses.
While viruses are being scanned and deleted, your files and / or documents are being hidden.

With its unique “Forced Visibility” feature of Amir Antivirus, your documents will always be available, hidden or with viruses.

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How to remove viruses on USB?

antivirus amir usb

- Download Amir Antivirus and run it.
- Enter the “Scan USB” option.
- Select your USB and click “Start”.
- Viruses will be removed and your files will be unhidden.
- At the end you will see a report of the analysis on your USB.

The most downloaded antivirus for USB

Amir Antivirus is translated into more than 5 languages.

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Amir Antivirus removes most viruses that affect your removable drives, also cleaning your operating system.

Remove shortcut viruses (.lnk), executable windows viruses (.exe) and script (.vbs, .js, .wsf, etc).

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What is the best antivirus software for USB?

A good antivirus is one that is always being updated and includes several protections, not only for USB, but for PC, for browsers, etc.

In this post I will explain better how to know if an antivirus is good and we will leave you our ranking of the best antiviruses together with Amir Antivirus.