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The Best Antivirus Software in 2024

the best antivirus software

There is a large number of antiviruses on the market, some are the best in certain regions such as Europe, America, etc., other antiviruses have very good protection worldwide but not as efficiently as those that focus on one region; And we ask ourselves what is the best antivirus software for PC ?

Today, the virus (Malware) that is affecting many companies and institutions that handle large amounts of data and client computers is “Rasomware” . This type of malware is very dangerous, as it encrypts your data and it is almost impossible to access it without making a payment in bitcoin (mostly).

virus rasomware
Rasomware – The most dangerous malware so far.

In this publication we will see the best antivirus for PC and we will define which would be the best antivirus for PC and the best free antivirus .

Can you have two or more antiviruses installed at the same time?

Before showing you the best antivirus software for PC , you may be wondering if you can have two antiviruses on the same PC , and the answer is YES , if you can have two antiviruses on your PC but that greatly degrades the performance of your PC; What is recommended is to have two antiviruses, one that is an antivirus for USB and another that is only for PC (computer).

The best antivirus software for PC


avast antivirus
Avast Antivirus 

The King among FREE antivirus.

Is very difficult that someone who has virus problems has not heard of Avast Antivirus , and it is not for less, it has basically all the modules of other paid antiviruses but for free , its license is renewed every year for free and it has one of the bases largest virus data , adding to this that its updates are constant .

Its real-time shield protects you from USB, PC, and web viruses . For this and its other options, Amir Antivirus recommends Avast Free Antivirus for all home computers.

Its resource consumption is moderate , and it is not for less, since it has very advanced malware detections , it is not recommended with low-resource PCs , it can work for you but it will reach high peaks in processing performance.

Avast has paid versions that you can buy on its own website, which have the protection of its free version and also more advanced protection for business , such as VPN, data privacy protection and RASOMWARE viruses , etc.

Although Avast Free Antivirus gives you good protection, its modules as well as its malware database, it is not very focused on USB malware , but it will mostly detect them, it is a good company with Amir Antivirus (antivirus for USB ).

More information about the antivirus on this page:
👉 Avast Antivirus

ESET NOD 32 (Paid)

NOD 32 Antivirus.

The BUSINESS antivirus.

It is one of the best known and most downloaded antivirus in Latin America , its malware database comes mostly from Latin America.

It has several editions, but in all of them it shows resounding performance, although it has a home edition, its best versions are those for companies .

Antivirus that will not disappoint you, more if you are a Gamer or do not want to be bothered by the antivirus , ESET NOD 32 has no interruptions in games and other user actions, it is a light and fast antivirus .

If you want a paid antivirus, this is your best option .

More information about the antivirus on this page:
👉 Eset Nod 32


kaspersky antivirus
Kaspersky Internet Security.

VETERAN against Malware.

It is one of the best paid antiviruses with more years in the market , its virus database is enormous, it is preferred by educational institutions and companies , its administration modules for its client stations are very complete.

If you have Kaspersky as an antivirus , it is probably not necessary to change your antivirus, if you still do not have it, I recommend that you have a PC with moderate resources , since it is a somewhat heavy antivirus . Its protection modules are among the most advanced and that leads to consuming various resources of your computer .

It is worth mentioning that it has protection for all types of operating systems such as ANDROID and IOS , mostly based on privacy.

More information about the antivirus on this page:

McAfee Antivirus (Paid)

McAfee antivirus
McAfee Antivirus.

The most COMPLETE antivirus but resource devourer.

McAfee has excellent real-time Malware detection .
For a long time it has been in competition with the other veteran Kaspersky antivirus , apart from this, McAfee has been able to improve and implement many options that make it envy of other antiviruses .

Its protection includes firewalls, antiphishing, VPN , system optimizer, identity theft protection , secure file storage, etc.

It is one of the best antiviruses with the best price-quality ratio on the market , being very accessible and easy to use.

Although this antivirus is one of the best in terms of Malware detection , price , quality , security options, etc., its very good real-time scanning system can make your system very slow, so it is advisable to have a good computer . to have the antivirus or stop doing other things if you want to scan your PC completely.

More information about the antivirus on its page:

What is the best free antivirus software for PC?

According to the analysis and considering a good antivirus that is also free, not heavy, with many options and great support around the world, we could say that it is Avast! antivirus .

What is the best paid antivirus software for PC?

The answer for this question is definitely Nod 32 .

So what is the best antivirus software for PC?

Although we have already seen the best antivirus software for PC , you may want to know: What would be the  best free or paid antivirus for PC? And well, I will summarize it for you in this list, according to my experience:

We selected Avast! Antivirus as the best antivirus for windows, but whatever your option, you should always have an antivirus on your PC .

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