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Show your hidden files

Your files always available and in sight with Amir Antivirus.

Unhide your documents and eliminate viruses.
While viruses are being scanned and deleted, your files and / or documents are being hidden.

With its unique “Forced Visibility” feature of Amir Antivirus, your documents will always be available, hidden or with viruses.

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How to remove viruses on USB?

  • Download Amir Antivirus and run it.
  • Enter the “Scan USB” option.
  • Select your USB and click “Start”.
  • Viruses will be removed and your files will be unhidden.
  • At the end you will see a report of the analysis on your USB.

For all Users

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Complete security with a single click.

Options created by the community and for the community, simple and easy to use.
I scanned your entire system and removable drive with a single click when running Amir Antivirus.

Amir Antivirus helps you as an antivirus for usb, but with other viruses like AVAST FREE, AVG or NOD32 ANTIVIRUS the protection becomes more complete.

Immediate Detection

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Quickly scan the operating system upon finding a virus on your removable drive (USB).

Removal of the virus when detected, at the same time make your files or documents available from the removable drive.

Constant Updates

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Continuous improvement

Amir Antivirus, when used throughout the world, constantly and quickly receives the various malware samples that come to us for analysis, giving them an updated antivirus faster than others with an excellent solution for their files and removable drives (USB).

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Get rid of Viruses

Worry about your work, not viruses.

Amir Antivirus removes most viruses that affect your removable drives, also cleaning your operating system.

Remove shortcut viruses (.lnk), executable windows viruses (.exe) and script (.vbs, .js, .wsf, etc).

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What is the best antivirus software for USB?

A good antivirus is one that is always being updated and includes several protections, not only for USB, but for PC, for browsers, etc.

In this post I will explain better how to know if an antivirus is good and we will leave you our ranking of the best antiviruses together with Amir Antivirus.

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The best portable antivirus software for USB

With over a million downloads, translated into 6 languages and used in more than 50 countries, Amir Antivirus offers a continuous and safe solution for everyone thanks to the support of Amirsafe Technology.

The best portable antivirus for USB

With over a million downloads, translated into 6 languages and used in more than 50 countriesAmir Antivirus offers a continuous and safe solution for everyone thanks to the support of Amirsafe Technology.